The schedule for our PhD candidate selection is as follow:

  • Until February 2nd: Call for proposals.
  • From February 3rd to April the 27th: On line applications opens.
  • May 4th: Selection and call for interviews.
  • From May 22th to 28th: Interview of selected candidates in Paris and 1st jury.
  • July 2nd: Final jury selection.

Each potential supervisor has submitted a PhD topic to ADUM1. These PhD thesis topics are found in one (or both) of the following two lists:

Applications for a grant are submitted online from the proposals on these lists2. No other application will be considered. Successful candidates will be informed individually. If we do not contact you, it means that you were not selected. If you believe your application should be considered, but did not receive an answer from us, please contact us by mail.

You must submit the following documents with your application:

  1. A curriculum vitae.
  2. A motivation letter.
  3. A copy of your grades for each year in college and master studies, starting from your first year of college
  4. A letter from the potential PhD thesis supervisor.
  5. A copy of your official diploma (Master or equivalent) for inscription to a PhD or a letter indicating the date of your Master graduation.
  6. Your Master memoir.
  7. A letter from the director of the laboratory where the PhD thesis will be performed.

Items 1, 2 and 3 are requested before May 4th, item 4 before the interviews (May 21st) and items 5, 6 and 7 before the final jury (2nd of July).

Up to one third of the PhD grants could be attributed by May 29th. The remaining grants will be attributed on July 2nd.

Candidates can upgrade their application file until July the 1st. In particular, we expect to receive your Master training period memoir as soon as available.

Our selection results will be available online. Candidates receiving a grant will have to accept or decline before July 15th.

  1. All supervisors have an account on ADUM. Your "UserId" is your E-mail address. In case of doubt: ask us! 

  2. Click on the link "Candidater" at the top or bottom left of the online proposal. Do not try to open an account on ADUM by any other means. 

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