Doctoral School Competition

The Astronomy and Astrophysics Doctoral School receives 20 full doctoral contracts (1600 euros net per month for 3 years) from its different universities. These contracts are awarded through a joint competition that takes place every spring.

Calendar of the 2022 competition
  • Applications must be submitted by 21 April 2022, 23h59 CEST.
  • Applications will be examined by the jury on 09 May 2022. Selection will be based on academic results, suitability of the training for the thesis subject, letters of recommendation.
  • The selected candidates will be invited to an audition which will take place on 23, 24, 25, 30 and 31 May 2022.
  • All contracts will be awarded by the final jury on 1 June 2022.
  • The selected candidates have one week to accept or refuse the contract offered to them

Applications must be submitted on the Doctoral School website (application) between February 1st and April 21st, 2022

Course of the audition

The audition lasts 20 minutes. A 12-minute presentation should outline previous research experiences (their scientific objectives, methodologies used and results obtained) and should show that the candidate understands the issues at stake in the proposed topic and how they are able to make a significant contribution to it. Typically, the candidate will spend 2 minutes introducing him/herself, 5 minutes describing his/her research experiences (mainly the M2 internship) and 5 minutes on the thesis topic and its issues.

The presentation will be followed by 8 minutes of questions.

The auditions will take place via Zoom only.


On June 1st, the jury will award all available contracts and will constitute a waiting list, the ranking of which is not disclosed. Selected candidates are asked to respond to this proposal within a week to allow for the proper management of withdrawals.


  • Results of the ED AAIF 2022 competition.
  • Main list, by alphabetical order: ABD EL DAYEM Karim, AOULAD LAFKIH Samy, APPAVOU Maria, AYA Alnajjarine, AYKROYD Christopher, BERAT Jack, BERRIOT Etienne, BISERO Sofia, BOUCHET Tristan, DEGOTT Lucie, FERNANDEZ Sébastien, FERRONE Salvatore, GUO Sicen, GUTIERREZ Yann, HERVAS PETERS Fabian, HUET Paul, JOSSÉ Léna, LEBEAU Théo, MAUREL Alice, PAQUEREAU Louise, ROUILLÉ Erwan, SHAJI Aashiya, STREEL Nicolas, VERKERCKE Sébastien, WARGNIER Antonin
  • Supplementary list, in alphabetical order: BAIRAGI Anirban, BHATT Maulik, BIANCHETTI Alessandro, CHARLIER Jean, CHITAN Ariel, DAHOUMANE Ryan, GUTTERIDGE Chloe, HOUEIBIB Ahmed, KESSLER Nina, MZERGUAT Slimane, PAIPA LEON David, PLASSE Clara, SAVORGNANO Sofia, TARRASSE Maxime, VEDDER Casper, VENKATARAMANI MALATHI Sabarish
  • Congratulations to Alexis Marret who has been awarded the European Physical Society Plasma Physics Division PhD Research Award
  • It is with great sadness that we learn of the sudden death of Manuel Berthet on Friday 3 December in a tragic road accident. The accident that took his life also seriously injured his partner Maud, whose life is not in danger. Their one-year-old child, Silvère, was unharmed.

A former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, Manuel had completed the Master 2 AAIS course in 2011-2012, before passing the agrégation in physics in 2013. He then started a PhD thesis in the radio astronomy laboratory of the ENS, which he chose to interrupt in 2017 to devote himself fully to teaching.

Manuel was a teacher in preparatory classes at the lycée Chrestien de Troyes.

The physics department of the ENS, and in particular the astrophysics team, his former comrades and colleagues of the preparation to the agrégation of physics of Montrouge, as well as the whole doctoral school, associate themselves with the pain of his family and present them their most sincere condolences.

The farewell ceremony will take place at the Crematorium of Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire), on Monday 13 December at 10:30 am. Manuel would have been 32 years old on that day.

  • 26 November 2021: Opening of the 2022 call for thesis projects. PhD advisor can submit their PhD projects on their ADUM account up to January 30th, 2022.