Your thesis project

You wish to apply for a thesis, but you still have questions about the thesis process, the choice of your subject, life in a laboratory, etc. : here is a FAQ that can help you. You can also find information about the thesis, funding, the post-thesis, etc. on the website of the CJC (in French).

We remind you that it is essential to contact and meet the thesis director who proposes the subject you wish to apply for. At the time of the meeting, ask for the contacts of former doctoral students or post-doctoral students so that you can discuss with them the progress of the thesis, the science of your thesis subject, your future thesis director, your future laboratory, etc.


Applications must be made online, from 1 February 2024 until 19 April 2024 (23h59 CEST), using the Candidater button at the top left of the form describing the thesis topic. No other applications will be considered, sent by email or by standard mail. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from the Doctoral School. If you think you have filled in your application correctly, but do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt, please contact the ED directly at

To apply for a subject, navigate to the subject file, and use the Candidater button at the top left of the page.

The application file must include the following documents :

  1. A full CV detailing previous research experience, including the actual duration.
  2. A letter of motivation explaining how you have constructed your project to do a thesis in astrophysics, the qualities, skills and expertise you have acquired to undertake this project
  3. A copy of all academic results, with full marks.

These documents must be submitted in your application file by 19 April 2024 (23h59 CEST) at the latest.

At least one letter of recommendation from a person other than the thesis director must be sent to the Doctoral School by email

The supervisors give a favourable or unfavourable opinion on your application via ADUM before the selection on file. If you have not contacted the thesis director, the opinion may be very negative !

If your application is accepted for an audition, you will receive a convocation on May 15th, 2024. If for some imperative reason you are unable to attend on the day of the convocation, please inform the doctoral school immediately.

Single application

You can apply to only one subject open to the Doctoral School competition.

Of course, it is still possible to apply to a subject open to the competition and to a subject funded by another funding agency (ANR, ERC, ...).


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