Preparing the "after-PhD"

Preparing the "after-PhD"

From October of your 3rd year of PhD, post-doc offers start arriving for the following year. If you want to continue in the research, you can check these websites that list post-doc offers:

Many offers go through the astro-jc mailing list. To register, follow the instructions (in french).

The doctoral school share post-doc offers on Twitter: @ED_AAIF

If you do not know the professional perspectives available to you at the end of the PhD in academic and/or industrial sectors, you can follow the doctoral course « Préparer l’après-thèse : les métiers et carrières après la thèse dans ou hors recherche publique » (in french) proposed by ED127. You can find doctoral courses about this subject in course catalog on ADUM website.

See the french page for the "qualifications" (required to get a permanent position at the University).

Read: an article from CEREQ on PhD carreers.


  • July 1st. Results of the 2020 competition. Main list by alphabetical order: AIMAR Nicolas, ARMANTE Mélanie, CHICHE Simon, COURTOT Ariane, DHOUIB Hachem, KOURDOURLI Mehdi, LE PIVERT-JOLIVET Tania, LEROY Lucas, LESEIGNEUR Yann, LUASHVILI Anna, MÂLIN Mathilde, MCINTOSH Ophélie, MICHOTTE DE WELLE Bayane, NOURRY Valentin, PARESSANT Keegan, PIERROT Arsène, RICHARDSON Thomas, TEP Kerwann, VINOGRADOV Alexander, WICKER Raphaël
  • July 1st. Results of the 2020 competition. Waiting list by alphabetical order: BEDOUCH Antoine, BENKADOUM Yaniss, BIGOT Axelle, CRITON Benjamin, DE BATZ DE TRENQUELLÉON Bruno, FORERO-SANCHEZ Daniel, GARMIRIAN Félix, GASPAR GOROSTIETA Iveth, GHESQUIERS Nathanaël, GROLLERON Guillaume, HOWARD Saburo, JANNAUD Thomas, KOSKAS Rémy, MILCARECK Gwenaël, MUNAIBARI Edhah, PELLEGRIN Théo, PELLOUIN Clément, QUILLEY Louis, SAMPATHKUMAR Pranav, STEICHEN Valentin, VARAEI SINA
  • May 19: Four ED AAIF thesis subjects open to the Physics of Infinite competition at the Sorbonne Université
  • May 19: One ED AAIF thesis topic open to the competition of the Institute of Environmental Transition of Sorbonne Université
  • April 13rd, 2020: Congratulations to Doogesh KODI RAMANAH for the SF2A 2020 thesis award.