A "cotutelles" (joint supervision)[^1] may be difficult to set up. It should be planned as far in advance as possible. However, it may also be established after the beginning of the PhD thesis. It is the solution of choice for PhD students spending a long time in France (typically one year or more) after their thesis already begun in their country of origin.

Admistrative steps depend on the University. This is what we know:

[^1]: Le terme de "cotutelle" est réservé à une direction de thèse partagée par deux chercheurs de deux Universités situées dans des pays différents. Il ne s’applique pas à deux laboratoires du même pays. Le doctorant est inscrit dans les deux universités. Chaque année, il ne paye les droits d’inscription que dans l’une ou l’autre. La soutenance est unique et commune, et le doctorant est diplômé par les deux universités. Il est donc titulaire de deux doctorats.


  • March 26th, 2020: The deadline for application to CNES PhD fellowships is postponed to April : link
  • March 17th, 2020: The deadline for applying to the Doctoral School is always April 23rd, 2020. For this step, your marks, grades and motivation letters are essential, not the interships or Master Thesis. The dates of the jury meeting are not, for the moment, moved. However, a backup week from 6 to 10 July is scheduled for the interviews.
  • December 8th: Congratulations to Camille Gennet (AIM) and Eduardo Vitral (IAP) elected PhD student representatives for two years. Great thanks to Nicolas Dagoneau and Elena Bellomi for their service to the doctoral school.
  • December 4th: The 2020 Elbereth conference will take place on February 26th-18th at IAP.
  • November 25th: The PhD advisors are invited to submit their PhD projects from their ADUM account before February 2nd.
  • October 11th: Congratulations to Océane Barraud and Nicolas Oudart, first and second prize of the contest my thesis in 5 minutes from the French Association for Astronomy
  • September 1st, 2019: Registration at PSL University are now done online only. PhD students must fill in their registration on ADUM, PhD advisors and Lab Heads validate on ADUM only. No more papers to be signed.